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- for new equipment from the manufacturer
- for monthly maintenance
- 24/7 Monitoring.
- safe mining place, protected from external and internal threats
- physical security by National Guard of Russia.
Legal placement of equipment on the place under the contract. "White" electricity.
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A personal account that allows you to control the operation of the equipment.
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of 200-300 miners in one block farm.

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    Answers to the main questions
    Why is cryptocurrency?
    1. Openness: everyone can mine cryptocurrency or buy it on the free market or receive it from other users without restrictions.
    2. Anonymity and transparency of transactions: information about the wallet owner is not available, while transaction information is available on the blockchain.
    3. Decentralization and limitation: the issuer of the cryptocurrency is the program code rather than some state. There is no uncontrolled unlimited release of tokens and the ability to control it.
    4. Reliability: you can't hack the cryptocurrency itself, you can hack the wallet. Nevertheless, it is the owner's responsibility to choose a reliable storage.
    5. Popularity growth exponentially: the use of cryptocurrencies in the world is growing at a tremendous pace and involves all major financial institutions.
    6. A convenient and promising alternative to fiat currencies: in terms of ease of storage, use and growth prospects.
    7. It can be used as a tool for hedging market risks.
    Why is mining rather than buying?
    1. You spend in your currency when mining, but get income in cryptocurrency.
    2. Investing in technology brings not only income. It is liquid in itself.
    3. Profitability of production up to 20%.
    4. FX gain/loss – you win on exchange differences between Ruble/$, BTC/$, etc.
    5. The risks of investment loss are reduced, as there is a cumulative effect from mining. After full depreciation you get only net income.
    6. Electricity costs are usually fixed in rubles, and revenues are rising due to various market changes in a strategic perspective. (This is evidenced by the history of the development of major cryptocurrencies since 2009).
    7. Historically, mining has brought more revenue over long periods than just buying a cryptocurrency.

    Why is BTC?
    1. An analogue of gold for all cryptocurrencies. The rest are mostly tied to BTC.
    2. The most powerful cryptocurrency by capitalization (130 billion $). The next coin (ETH) has only 20 billion $ of capitalization. The rest is even less.
    3. High liquidity on all exchanges and markets.
    4. Stable profitability associated with market changes.
    5. Less sensitive to various market phenomena than others.
    6. The transaction fee (network maintenance) increases over time, which is beneficial for miners.
    7. It can lose in profitability to others in short periods, but in a long period of time it is always profitable.

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